Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY: Knotted Embroidery Floss and Jump Ring Necklace

Recently at a store I saw a necklace that added a nice pop of color, and while it wasn’t very expensive, I thought it would be fairly simple to make. So this is my rendition of a Knotted Embroidery Floss and Jump Ring Necklace.

  • Embroidery Floss (I used about three packs of 25 foot embroidery floss)
  • Jump Rings (size 9mm)
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • Pliers
  • Clasp
  • Ruler

— 1 —
Cut fifteen lengths of embroidery floss about 48 inches long each.

— 2 —
Evenly align the embroidery floss together and double knot in the middle.

Note: All the knots I created, I knotted slowly so I could place the knot where I wanted it to be. Sometimes I had to push the knot to where I wanted it to be, or I had to undo a knot and redo it so it would be in the right placement.

I double knotted my knots so that the jump rings I used wouldn’t slip over the knots. But if you prefer, just knot once and use a smaller sized jump ring.

— 3 —
Thread an embroidery floss end through a closed jump ring and knot; the end of the embroidery floss should be around an inch in length. Snip the end so the embroidery floss threads are all even at about ¾ inch.

— 4 —
Cut a piece of duct tape that’s about ½ inch wide.

— 5 —
Place the embroidery floss end on the duct tape (making sure that the cut ends don’t go over the bottom of the duct tape). Roll the duct tape tautly around the end. If necessary, add some glue at the end of the duct tape to help keep it in place.

— 6 —
Repeat Steps 3–5 with the other embroidery floss end.

— 7 —
Double knot in the center between a duct tape end and the knot in the middle of the necklace. Repeat with the other side.

— 8 —
Double knot between each of the knots there (and treat the duct tape ends as knots). There should now be 7 knots below the duct taped ends.

— 9 —
Open the jump rings. With pliers, attach a jump ring to the embroidery floss necklace and close jump ring. Attach about 25 jump rings within each knotted section.

— 10 —
Attach a clasp to the necklace. Knotted Embroidery Floss and Jump Ring Necklace complete.

Initially I thought I’d use end caps for beading to finish the embroidery floss ends, but the end caps I had weren’t large enough to enclose the thickness of my embroidery floss, so I resorted to using duct tape. (Which I thought was fine, although I used the only duct tape I had which was a harsh black. Ideally, the duct tape color would match a bit better.)

I’m pretty happy with the end result of my Knotted Embroidery Floss and Jump Ring Necklace; I like the combination of the hard metal of the jump rings with the softness of the embroidery floss. It’s a simple and colorful necklace.

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