Thursday, June 14, 2012

Comfort Movie

Some people only want to watch a movie once; they don’t feel the need to re-watch a movie since they already know what happens. And if it’s no longer surprising to watch, then what’s the point? While I can logically understand that perspective, I am not one of those people. There are times when I just want to watch something that I know I like. There are some movies that are like comfort food—you know what to expect and it makes you feel warm and cozy inside as you experience them.

My comfort movies are all uppers, whether it’s action or comedy or animation or musicals, they’re the movies I’ll just end up watching as I stumble upon them while I’m flipping through the TV channels. They’re also the movies I’ll watch when there’s nothing good on TV or if I want something on in the background as I’m working on something else. And they’re my go-to movies to watch if I’m in a foul mood because I know I can’t watch them without feeling better about myself or about the world around me. 

Just as some comfort foods have more substance than others, my comfort movies fall in a range of quality (and some are definitely more high-end than others). Some comfort movies I love because of nostalgic reasons, while others because I genuinely love the plot and characters, but for whatever reason, I can watch those movies again and again and again and never tire of them.

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