Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY: Used Gift Card Picture Magnet

Some people use their refrigerator as a showcase for pictures, using magnets to attach their images; this has a very temporary feel to it, as though a picture can be swapped out for another at any time. However, there may be pictures that you always want up, so I thought I could make a picture magnet. Yet, photos (or other images like greeting cards) aren’t very stiff by themselves, so to help create a sturdy backing, I decided to use a used gift card as the base for a picture magnet.

  • Used gift card
  • Photo/Postcard/(Used) Greeting Card
  • Glue (or double-sided tape)
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Magnet sheet


— 1 —
Decide where you want to cut your image.

Note: I held my gift card and image up to the light to see where to cut. Then with a pencil, I marked the back of my image.

— 2 —
Place scrap paper on your work surface to protect it from any excess glue.

Apply glue to one side of the gift card. Place the glue side of the gift card on the backside of your image. Let it dry.

Note: I also placed a scrap piece of paper over my gift card and then placed something heavy on top of it; I thought the pressure would help make the image stick better to the gift card.

— 3 —
With the image side down, use the x-acto knife and cut along one of the edges of the gift card. Repeat with the other three sides. If you like, afterwards, use the x-acto knife to carefully go around the rounded corners of the gift card.

— 4 —
With scissors, cut a piece of magnet that is a little smaller than the gift card. Apply the magnet to the back of the gift card. Used Gift Card Picture Magnet complete.

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