Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gateway Garments

People are generally fairly consistent with their clothing preferences. When I’m shopping for clothes, I’m naturally drawn towards certain styles and colors (that are often not unlike the items I already own). It doesn’t happen consciously; in fact sometimes I’ll want to get something different so I’ll have some variation in my closet (only that usually doesn’t end up happening). [Pause.] It’s just that I already know what I like and tend to make a beeline to those items.

Sometimes my eyes will come across something that while I like in theory, I can already sense won’t suit me. There are some styles and trends that I think are cute (like a striped T-shirt or polka dot dress) but then I’ll try them on only to be somewhat dismayed; I may like it…but just not on me. [Sigh.] I’ve been quite consistent in my buying habits up until the other weekend, when I suddenly bought three items that I never thought I would.

Granted, two items I got from Goodwill (and when a shirt cost $5 it’s harder for me to be as picky as I would be if I was paying full price at a department store). I bought a very minimal polka dot blouse and striped sweater—they’re like gateway garments, slowly easing me into a look I’ve been hesitant to do. The barely there stripes and polka dots were minor enough that I liked them, and since the garments were both black and white (which are staple colors for me), they became even more palatable to me.

The third item follows the current trend of bright colors (that truthfully I haven’t been super excited about since I’ve never had a particular desire to look like a highlighter). Yet, while at a store I was inexplicitly drawn to this bright pink top and felt inclined to try it on…and then liked it to my surprise. I didn’t see it coming.  I never thought I would get these items that all seem to fall in my lap on the same day—but I did. Sometimes without trying, change is appealing and just seems to happen.

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