Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don’t Drive Me Up a Wall

Everyone has pet peeves. Sometimes they’re large and sometimes they’re small, but for whatever reason, they just irritate us. It could be the way someone constantly smacks their gum, or says “Um” all the time, or takes credit for things they didn’t do, or constantly tells the same jokes over and over again. Each of us is special and different when it comes to things that piss us off. One of my pet peeves happens while driving, and it’s the people who don’t signal when they’re changing lanes.

If someone wants to change into my lane and traffic is heavy, then it’s especially necessary to signal so I have enough time to slow down. I’m not a mind reader; I’d like to know that you veering into my lane is intentional and not because you’re drunk or having a medical problem or just don’t see me in the lane. It’s just so inconsiderate. Using a blinker is not hard. They place the knob right next to the steering wheel; you barely have to move your hand. It’s not difficult. And yet for some people, it must be exceedingly hard to do this very simple task. Perhaps they think that the world just revolves around them and that they’re above the driving etiquette that everyone else follows.

There’s a reason blinkers were invented. Once upon a time when the horseless carriage was new, they didn’t have blinkers, which I’m sure caused some accidents. Improvements were made so that communication could be made more easily to those around them, and thus blinkers were born. They’re useful so use them.

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