Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Coffee. No Fun.

A few days ago, my morning started normal enough but then horror struck: I was making coffee when I hit the coffee pot against the sink and the glass broke. Of course, I couldn’t have broken the coffee pot after I’d had my morning cup of coffee. [Sigh.] So instead I had tea. And while I love tea, it doesn’t pack the same caffeine punch that coffee does…and I need that punch. Through the years my body has been trained to perk up at the bubbling sound of coffee brewing, and the rich smell of coffee wafting in the air brings much anticipation for that for that sweetly bitter concoction. Mmmm. So delicious. And so caffeine-filled.

So my morning did not start right, and in my not-quite-awake state I knew that first and foremost I needed to fix my coffee maker situation. I looked online, and while I considered getting a generic coffee pot to replace my old one, I thought that this was a good opportunity to just get a new coffee maker. I’d had my old coffee maker for years and thought it was time for a newer (and cuter) coffee maker.

But my new chosen coffee maker would still take some time to ship to me, and I knew I wanted, no needed coffee. There was no way that I was going to go days without coffee, and tea just wasn’t going to cut it. And I wasn’t going to go to a coffee shop for a $3 latte every morning until I could once again make my own coffee. So I had to go to the grocery store to get some instant coffee. It’s been a good long while since I had instant coffee, but I figured with my coffee maker out of commission, it was better than nothing.

I was excited when my new coffee maker arrived. It’s a bit of an adjustment getting used to it (since it works differently than my old coffee maker), but so far so good. And I’m just glad to be back on real coffee rather than the instant stuff.

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