Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fairy Tale 2013 Calendar/Post Card Set

Most everyone grows up with fairy tales in some variation or another because they not only entertain children, they often have morals attached to them. They’re an ingrained part of our culture; they’re in our books, movies, advertisements, and often alluded to in everyday life.

In my post card set, I drew selected fairy tales that each contains a moral that I take from that story.

— Post Card Set —

Little Red Riding Hood: Stranger danger
Strangers are bad. Be wary of them. They may want to kill you.

Peter Pan: Belief is truth
I have a childhood memory of watching the play Peter Pan where the audience is supposed to clap if they believe in fairies in order to save Tinker Bell’s life. Because whether something is actually real or not is less important than if you believe it’s real.

Hansel and Gretel: Beware what you find when you’re lost
Two lost and starving children find a house of candy and think their troubles are over, however the cannibalistic witch who owns the house has other plans. So if you think something is too good to be true then it probably is.

Beauty and the Beast: Love is blind when you have Stockholm syndrome
A woman held captive doesn’t have many options; the competition isn’t stiff when there’s just one possible love interest. So it’s just sensible to make the best out of a lousy situation.

Snow White: Devour the competition to stay on top
The Queen is just being proactive. She sees Snow White as an up in comer and realizes that it’s just best to eliminate the competition while she still has the power to do so. (And eating the bits and pieces of Snow White is just the icing on the cake.)

The Little Mermaid: Sometimes the ending is just death
At the end of story, the Little Mermaid dies and her body turns into sea foam (as she was unable to marry the prince nor kill him in order to save herself and turn back into a mermaid). So she didn’t live happily ever after with her prince; their relationship ended altogether with her death.

I created six post cards and drew simple images for each of them. The backs of the post cards are all the same; there’s space for a note, address and a postage stamp. Use the post cards as cards or art; keep them all or give them away to those in need of a helpful moral.

The paper band that goes around the post card set has directions on how to attach a post card to the calendar sheet

— 2013 Calendar —

For the calendar, there’s a sheet that has a 2013 calendar printed on one side of it with an (rectangle) area to place one of the post cards. The post cards are attached to the calendar sheet with removable glue dots. Change the selected post card throughout the year if so desired. Two holes are punched at the top of the calendar sheet so it can be hung on a wall.

Once the year is over the backside of the calendar sheet can be used; it has “And the moral of the story is…” printed on it and an (rectangle) area to place your selected post card.

The nice thing about using removable glue dots is that it leaves both the post card and calendar sheet undamaged, so you can change out the image you want to use. I do find that pressing down the adhered post card to the calendar sheet every so often (especially in the first few days) helps it to adhere better.

The Fairy Tale Post Card set is available at my Serious Whims shop for purchase.


  1. What font did you use for this... looks sort of similar to liebe erika, I feel like i have seen it before and now cant find it. Thanks.

  2. The main fonts I used were Londrina and Florence.