Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It’s Déjà Vu (I Knew I Liked You)

Pretty much any TV show you could possibly imagine is on DVD or online for your viewing pleasure (which can be somewhat overwhelming at times). There are so many options available, but sometimes watching something that you once loved but haven’t seen in years is what you want—something nostalgic. Something good. And although the TV show is blurry in your mind like a dream that you can’t quite remember, you know it was a good dream and want to remember it.

Past-loved TV shows only accumulate with time, as what was once new ends and is replaced by shiny newer TV shows. Many of these past-loved TV shows I could recite the basic premise to, but over the years have pretty much forgotten everything about them (including major story arcs and important characters). So while there was some familiarity about certain episodes, overall I’d forgotten enough to make the series feel fresh and new—like I was watching it again for the first time.

Not everything you once loved is worth loving. Every so often your memory deceives you. You recall certain TV shows from childhood with great affection only to watch them again when you’re older and you can’t help but think, “Why did I like this? I didn’t think I was a particularly dimwitted child, but maybe I was and just didn’t realize it…” It’s disappointing when you realize that not everything you loved was in good taste and that your love for it was misplaced. [Sigh.] But I think for the most part my original positive assessments of my past-loved TV shows remains true; and watching them again with fresh eyes, I still find them funny and interesting with characters I enjoy watching—and it’s still awesome. I knew I liked these TV shows for a reason and I was right to like them.

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