Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leather Pants

I’ve never had a desire to own leather pants. I’m fairly practical (and lazy) when it comes to clothing care, and leather requires special care that I don’t want to deal with. Plus, while leather pants might look good on a model, it would just be too much for everyday life (as I would never go to the supermarket in them). Yes, leather pants are just too impractical and too much work for it to be worth it.

[Pause.] With that said, I recently bought a pair of leather pants…but not to wear. I was shopping with friends at Goodwill, and one friend jokingly pulled out a pair of leather pants for me, and I scoffed at her. And then I felt them. They felt nice; the leather was smooth and buttery. And then I paused in thought—I would never wear them but I could use the leather in some way to make something.

The pants are new (with the store tags still on them), but damaged and thus unable to be returned to the store. It’s my guess that a woman bought these pants online, got them and tried them on, only to realize that they were too long for her. So she tried to get the right length by cutting the bottoms of the pants and finally came to the conclusion that she was never going to wear these pants and donated them to Goodwill. [Pause.] Her loss is my gain.

While I’ve pondered about getting leather in order to create accessories or jewelry, I’ve never done so because I feel like I need an actual project in mind before I take the plunge and buy leather (which would definitely be a more expensive material to get). So I sort of lucked out by stumbling upon leather that I like which I can use to experiment on. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll use the leather, but at least I’ll have it when an idea finally comes to me.

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