Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Vintage Books

The last time I went to the pay by the pound Goodwill, I couldn’t resist buying some vintage books. I recently went again, and dug through their book bins and found more books that I don’t need but think are cool.

The first book is the Webster’s New Practical School Dictionary from 1964. I love the simplicity of the cover.

The second book is Japan an Interpretation from 1907. The cover is rather Art Nouveau in its design and I like the combination of brown and sky blue.

The third book is The Hardcourt Brace School Dictionary from 1972. I love the repeating letters on the cover, as well as the blue variations radiating from light to dark. I also like the inside cover where it has the area that students sign out the book; I’m rather amused by Mark’s “Mark W. was here” and in the condition issued and returned he put “cool” and “farout”.

Finally, my last and favorite book is The Mouse and the Lion from 1962. I think it’s a lovely book and adore the illustrations that are so expressive and fun. I also tend to gravitate towards simple color in illustrations, and this is pretty much just black and dark mustard. When my eyes fell upon it in the Goodwill bin I quickly grabbed it and knew it was a great find.

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