Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Vintage Stuff

While at Goodwill, I ended up getting more vintage stuff. I couldn’t help it—it was so cheap, paying by the pound it was just mere cents per item.

I got two vintage game board box tops: Aggravation and Skill-it the Frying Pan Maze. The Aggravation box top is from 1962 and I think the design is fun and I like the colors used.

Skill-it the Frying Pan Maze box top I like less as a design, but I think it’s funny. This isn’t a game I’ve ever played before (and truthfully it doesn’t look like the most exciting game out there—it’s just a maze game). But I do give them props for the skillet pun. They really tried to make it work for them. And their poem on the other side of the lid just adds to the cheesiness. [Mmm, tasty cheese.]

Finally, I also got a Barnum’s Animals National Biscuit Company tin from 1979. It’s not quite as old as the vintage stuff I usually get, but its design is a replica from 1914. I like the colors and think it’s a fun tin.

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