Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Too Quiet

Silence is a rarity for me as a vast majority of the time I’ll have noise going on while I’m doing something. Almost always, if I’m cooking, sewing, crafting or drawing I’ll have the TV on. If I’m in my car or at my computer working, I’ll play music. Every so often I may be so engrossed in something that I forget to turn on the TV or turn on my music, but that occurs but rarely; the only time I have consistent silence is while I’m reading.

Often I find I like having noise in the background because it helps mundane activities be more enjoyable. I’ll have mildly interesting TV shows on in the background that are worthy of splitting my attention with cutting vegetables or sewing a dress (because I feel less guilty keeping up with those mediocre television if I’m doing something else). And music can lessen the tedium of less exciting design tasks, and of course put me in a better mood during my commute.

It depends on my state of mind whether I want noise or silence. Either one can help or hinder my thinking; TV can distract me, while pure silence can feel oppressive at times. Given a choice, I generally don’t choose silence. Yet sometimes silence necessary for concentration—no distractions from other voices muddling the mind. But I don’t often take advantage of the option of silence; it tends to be a last resort rather than a first resort. Silence, more often than not, seems to be a void to be filled rather than enjoyed.

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