Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Months of Christmas

It’s already begun: the countdown to Christmas. A smattering of Christmas ads have crept their way onto the TV and Christmas paraphernalia have started to infiltrate stores (such as Christmas trees and ornaments). Christmas is slowly ramping up until Thanksgiving hits, and then all hell will break loose with Christmas sales and shopping reminders that'll bombard us in full force. [Sigh.] I’m not really looking forward to the upcoming madness.

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas day is great. You get to eat good food, see family (that you hopefully like) and of course there’s presents. These are all good things. I just don’t really enjoy the pre-game—the two months of impending Christmas preparations that saturates the air. There’s just so much I would like to avoid: the shopping craziness with its never ending lines at stores; the terrible holiday music that stalks you wherever you go; and the saccharine-filled holiday TV specials that are overtly intended to pull at your heartstrings. [Pause.] None of this puts me in the Christmas spirit.

I just wish Christmas didn’t have the prolonged hullabaloo that seems to grow longer with each passing year. I don’t mean to sound Scrooge-like, but thinking about Christmas for two months is just exhausting. It makes Christmas less special to me because if feels like I have to deal with it for a sixth of the year (and that’s a long time). I’m almost glad when Christmas is over because then I won’t be accosted by Christmas reminders any longer. Yes, I’m bracing myself for two long months of Christmas.

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