Tuesday, November 20, 2012

White: The Scariest Color

A part of me fears the color white. White is such a fresh and clean color—which just begs to be spoiled. I have white shirts and blouses, and every time I wear one I’m paranoid that I’m going to get something splattered all over it. Ketchup, BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce…pretty much any sort of sauce is attracted to the color white. In fact, I may tailor my meals to avoid any foods that may leave an unwanted mark. Or I may button up the (dark) jacket I’m wearing to cover up my white top to minimize any splatter damage that may occur. Yes, white is a dangerous color to wear.

And while I’ll venture to wear white tops, I’ve continually avoided white pants and skirts. I’ll see these items in stores and while I may think they’re cute, I think how impractical they must be. A white top is hard enough to keep clean, but pants and skirts have even more surface area to worry about. I could totally imagine myself wearing a pair of white pants and sitting on a dirty bench, which would then leave an ugly (and perhaps permanent) mark on my backside. White is just such an easy color to ruin.

Yet I like the color white—now more so than ever. I have so many dark articles of clothing that white really helps to make things pop. And while I have yet to rationalize buying a white skirt or pair of pants, I can somehow rationalize buying white (or in this case cream) fabric at the fabric store. A white garment isn’t terribly practical, so I think I feel less guilty about having a white garment if I can make one for about $10.

The skirt pattern I wanted to use required 2 yards of fabric, but I only managed to get about 1.75 yards of challis (as it was what was left on the bolt). However, once I shortened the length of the skirt pattern by about 5 inches, I managed to get all of my pattern pieces laid out on the cloth to cut out. I’ve used this skirt pattern before and it’s a pretty easy pattern to begin with, so it didn’t take too long to make. I’m pretty happy with my cream skirt and think it will be fairly versatile. [Pause.] That is until I manage to ruin it by spilling coffee on it or doing something equally damaging to this light-colored fabric. [Sigh.] It seems inevitable that this will happen…someday.

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