Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY: Paper Fringe Napkin Ring

I’ve used toilet paper rolls for napkin rings before in my Fabric Napkin Ring, but this time I decided to cover the toilet paper roll with paper. The toilet paper roll adds extra stability to the paper napkin ring so doesn’t feel quite so flimsy. I chose metallic paper to add some sparkle and a sense of festiveness, and used fringe to create a nice decorative detail.

  • Toilet paper roll/paper towel roll
  • Colored paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue

— 1 —
Remove any excess paper from the toilet paper roll.

— 2 —
With scissors, cut a 1 inch wide section from the toilet paper roll.

— 3 —
Measure and mark a 6 inch by 1.5 inch rectangle from the colored paper.

— 4 —
With the ruler and x-acto knife, cut out the rectangle.

— 5 —
On the back of the rectangle, on the short edge, create pencil lines at 0.375 inch from each side (so mark at 0.375 inch and 1.125 inch). These pencil lines will be your guidelines for the fringe cuts.

— 6 —
With scissors, on the long edge cut from the outside to the pencil line. Repeat this cutting until you finish the fringe on the long side. Repeat this process on the opposite long side of the rectangle.

— 7 —
If desired, cut out another rectangle to place on top of the fringed rectangle. This helps to cover the fringe interior cuts and gives the napkin ring a cleaner look.

In this version, I created a second fringed rectangle that was 6 inch by 1 inch (and had 0.375 inch fringe cuts on either side). I also created a rectangle that was 6 inch by 0.5 inch as well.

— 8 —
Glue any additional rectangle layers on top of the fringed rectangle.

— 9 —
Apply glue to the toilet paper roll ring.

— 10 —
Carefully place the fringed rectangle piece around the toilet paper roll ring to the glue. Paper Fringe Napkin Ring complete. Slide Paper Fringe Napkin Ring around a napkin.

In this Paper Fringe Napkin Ring I created slightly angled fringe cuts and stamped the paper. Consider stamping images or writing messages onto the paper before gluing it to the toilet roll ring.

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