Thursday, December 27, 2012

Infinity Scarf

I can’t seem to help but buy fabric. Even though I know I don’t need it or even have a plan for it, I want it. The only plan I have is to use it…someday. I keep collecting fabric, which is a problem as I have little room for the fabric I have, let alone any new fabrics I might pick up. It’s just that there are so many pretty fabrics out there and I have a desire to use them, the only problem is I can’t seem to sew fast enough to use them all in a timely manner.

I decided to use some of those “someday” fabrics for infinity scarves. The first one I used a 45 inch wide plaid navy and red fabric. I had about two yards of it and cut it in half so the piece was 22.5 inches by 72 inches. I folded it in half (the long way) with rights sides together and sewed the 72 inch edge (which created a “tube”). I brought one of the short ends through the inside of the tube and matched it to the other short edge. I sewed these two ends together leaving a couple inches open. I turned the fabric to the outside (though the hole) and slip stitched the hole closed. And the infinity scarf was finished.

This size makes for a fairly wide and long scarf. I put the scarf around my next twice here.

And put the scarf around my neck three times here.

In this infinity scarf, I had a 54 inch wide icy blue fabric with some metallic strands in it. I cut the fabric to 18 inches by 54 inches, and sewed it in the same manner as the plaid scarf. I put the scarf around my next twice and kept it loose here.

And put the scarf around my neck twice but kept it tighter around my neck here.

Creating an infinity scarf is a quick and easy project, and nice in that you can tailor the length and width to your personal preference. And it also let me put a quick (although little) dent into my fabric stash.

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