Tuesday, January 8, 2013

$9 Luck

It doesn’t matter what it is, whether a raffle ticket, bingo or the lottery, winning is always exciting (even if the prize itself isn’t terribly impressive.) I don’t really play these games of chance very often. The pragmatist in me knows that the chance of winning (anything) is slim and that it would be all too easy to start playing and not want to stop (just like the problem of eating just one more potato chip). So I don’t feel much of an inclination to pay to partake in these games.

However, if I’m given a lottery scratch off ticket, then sure, I’ll play. During the holiday season someone gave me a scratch off ticket where you could win $1,000 dollars. My level of expectation was to win nothing, yet my excitement level was high. Sure, I probably wouldn’t win $1,000, but I could. It was a possibility. There was that little piece of hope that was dangled in front of me, because someone has to win, right? Why not me?

So I scratched off my ticket and it revealed two $3 and a $$$ mark, which altogether meant I won triple the amount of my $3. A grand total of $9. I was a winner. Not a big winner, yet a winner all the same. $9 isn’t a lot; with $9 I could get a burger and fries at a fast food joint, or a couple of lattes, or a cheap basic t-shirt, but it was a free $9 and who doesn’t want free cash? So while I didn’t have big luck, at least I had a bit of luck to win something, which is a whole lot better than nothing.

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