Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fun With Decorative Tape

Buying crafty items on a whim that I might use “someday” is not uncommon for me. I try to resist, but sometimes I think something is interesting and just want it. That’s how I happened to buy a set of decorative tape with different number designs on it; I bought it over a year ago and it just sat in a drawer unused until I finally got around to using it.

My set of number tape had five different designs and used the same color palette of red, navy, cream and black. So I decided to use the different tapes to cover the exterior of a very plain notebook; I used strips of the numbered tapes and just kept adding tape until the entire surface was covered with the decorative tape and I think it turned out pretty cute.

I used another set of decorative tape for quick and easy ways to elevate a plain box and card to something a bit prettier (which could be used when giving a gift). I used decorative tape to decorate the outside of a plain box, and I matched the placement of the tape so it would match up when the top and bottom of the box were placed together. I used that same tape (in two colors) on a small card, and overlapped the two different colored tapes that created a third “color”.

The nice thing about the decorative tape I used was that it was removable so I could reposition it if I wanted to (which I did on a few occasions). On the downside, that might mean it’s not permanently stuck and may peel itself away from where it’s been placed (but I suppose this is more of a time will tell issue). I do like the versatility of the tape as a decorative element and that it requires little effort on my end to use. And of course there are a lot of cute decorative tape patterns out there to choose from that I ought to resist, but may not be able to given enough time…

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