Thursday, January 31, 2013

It’s on My List

Like many people, I like making lists; it helps to organize my thoughts and prioritize what should get done first. Some things are important and some things are minor, but it always feels good to cross something off my list. It’s nice to have that sense of accomplishment when something is done (and you don’t have to think about it any more).

However, sometimes it just seems like the list of things to do just grows longer and longer and it feels like nothing is really getting done. Something unexpected comes up that takes priority or a small something turns into a big something (and becomes a time suckage), and then suddenly the whole timeline you had in mind is off and you feel like you have to play catch up.

When you feel behind, then you have to be even more organized, like setting time limits for each item on the list or multi-tasking or simplifying certain tasks or postponing the less important items until later. But hopefully, if you manage your time well enough, you can get back onto your previous course without too much of an unwanted detour.

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