Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vintage Books – Set 3

I picked up more vintage books at Goodwill; I always manage to find something cute whenever I go and rummage through their book bins (so it’s a good thing that I don’t go too often). I found four books that I just couldn’t seem to resist.

I found this Modern Swedish Grammar book from 1962 that I thought was adorable. I love the simplicity of the design with the diamond pattern that covers the front and back of the book; I also like the color palette of white, black and pine green.

It’s a bit dingy, but I think this Barbie’s Hawaiian Holiday book from 1963 is fun (and oh-so-girly). I really like the illustrations that are sketchy and give a sense of motion; each chapter begins with a simple black sketch at the top of the page.

General Zoology I was kind of on the fence on getting because while I liked the cover, the inner pages weren’t particularly interesting to me. But I decided to just get it. It’s from 1958 and I like the color palette and drawings on the cover as well as the illustrations on the inside cover.

Finally, the most interesting book I got was The Illustrated Treasury of Children’s Literature from 1955. It’s a collection of children’s stories that uses original illustrations from those stories, so there’s a range of illustration styles throughout the book; some illustrations are more realistic, while others are more whimsical or simple or colorful. It’s a fun book to look at. Some of the illustrations here I think are visually appealing while others may not be so “pretty”, but are rather amusing. 

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