Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why is This Not Popular?

It’s hard to find a TV show to love. A lot of TV shows on the air just seem to be like all the other TV shows that are already airing—all just variations of the same theme. So when something different and intelligent and surprising suddenly appears, it feels like you just got lucky (because there’s a lot of crap to sift through to find those TV show gems).

Sometimes everyone seems to realize that a show good so the show has strong ratings and stays on the air for many years. Yet other times a fantastic show (for whatever reason) doesn’t have a large audience and either continually struggles to stay on the air year after year or it may just quickly get the axe. It always depresses me when a show I love doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because good ought to be rewarded, yet so often it seems as though stupid shows are rewarded (which just seems so wrong).

Over the years quite a few of my beloved TV show have been unceremoniously cancelled and are generally replaced by TV shows that are vastly lower in quality (and this irritates me greatly). If my awesome TV show with its interesting storylines and amusing characters is given the axe, then at the very least it should be replaced by something good. Yet usually it’s replaced by something crappy—just more stupid people being stupid. [Sigh.] It’s a bitter pill to swallow when a “successful” TV show is based upon high ratings rather than its content.

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