Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Swear Mini Cards

Inspired by swear words (and substitution swear words), I created mini cards that each convey a swear word moment. I was actually inspired by substitution swear words first; when I posted What the Fudge! I thought of various faux swear words and “blowhole” stood out in my mind. I envisioned a cute whale with “You blowhole!” on it, and I thought I could create a series of cards using swear words and drawings.

I tried to choose swear words (and faux swear words) that weren’t too offensive and could have a corresponding image to go with it. I also wanted a variety of messages for the cards. “You blowhole!” was my accusatory mini card, so I chose “Screw it! I’m sorry” as my apology message, “Hell yeah! Let’s do it!” as my enthusiastic proactive message and “Call me when the shit hits the fan” as my contact me message.

I wanted the mini cards to be cute and fun so I chose bright happy colors; each card uses just two colors (barring any gray type). I also selected a friendly script font to help soften the blow of the swear words themselves. I created simple hand-drawn silhouettes for each of the main white images, and I also created different patterns for the backgrounds of each of the cards.

For my fifth card I wanted something different: a “hello” card. I cut the word “hello” into two parts, “hell” being on one side and the “o” on the other side of the card. It uses the same color palette as the other four cards as well as a pattern in the background, but there’s no “picture” as the type acts as the image.

Use each mini card to send a message to brighten someone’s day (e.g. leave one on someone’s desk or in someone’s lunch bag). Or punch a hole at the top of the mini-card, put a length of string through the hole and knot it and create a gift tag. Or give them away as stocking stuffers or as party favors.

I Swear Mini Card Set is available at my shop for purchase. 

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