Thursday, April 25, 2013

But I Can’t Escape My Inner Self

I recently had Chinese take out and with it came the expected dessert: the fortune cookie. Who doesn’t love a fortune cookie? It’s a slightly sweet and light tasting cookie (which is nice since eating most Chinese food in the U.S. tends to be a heavy experience). I enjoy eating fortune cookies—they’re fun to eat. I crack mine open, eat my cookie and then read my fortune in great (okay, mild) anticipation.

And while I know fortune cookies don’t actually give accurate fortunes, somehow I still enjoy reading them. The fortunes given are generally vague, like “You will come into some money soon” or “You will meet someone interesting”, something that isn’t very personal and can work on a large or small scale.

However, the fortune I got was: “Stay close to your inner self. You will benefit in many ways”. It took me to a second to process this random message; I’m guessing this is supposed to be in the realm of  “Be true to yourself”—but in a much more awkward way. Because while I could ignore my inner self, I can’t exactly not be close to it; my inner self is inside of me, so no matter where I go, it’ll be there.

I then opened a second fortune cookie and the fortune I got was: “A movie would be a great way to relax this weekend”. [Pause.] Um, that’s not a fortune, that’s advice—and it’s not even creative advice. The fortunes I got were kind of disappointing and it made me wonder who writes these things, because it didn’t seem like a lot of thought was put into these “fortunes”. I guess I don’t need a fortune cookie to tell me that I will likely be disappointed with the “fortune” I get from my next fortune cookie.

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