Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who Says it’s “Good”?

I always consider the source when someone tells me something is “good” because all opinions are not created equal; some people’s opinions I value more than others. Everyone has different standards of what they think is acceptable, and some of us have higher standards than others. For some, “good” means anything that didn’t totally suck, while for others, “good” means it was superior than average. I prefer the latter version of “good” because everything can’t be “good”; it then skews what “good” actually means into “doesn’t blow”.

There are some people whose opinions I generally trust, while there are others whose opinions I may not weigh as heavily in most areas, but they may have a specific niche that I do give extra weight to because they’re more knowledgeable or discerning in that particular area. Perhaps they’re from another country so they know what that type of food is supposed to taste like, or their preference in books is not unlike my own so if they recommend something I may actually read it.

It all comes down to the person themselves and getting a sense of what they like and how that relates to what you like. Because when we believe someone’s opinion of what is “good”, it often stems from the fact that we’re likely to share that same opinion.

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