Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Black and Tan Jacket

Once I sewed my Mint Summer Skirt, I got back into sewing mode and wanted to sew more garments. I decided on sewing another simple garment: a jacket.

I selected some fabric I’d bought quite a while ago in tan and black, which has a small woven texture to it that I liked. I considered creating just a single colored tan or black jacket (which would likely be more versatile), but instead I combined the two fabrics because I thought it would be more striking. And since I had black lining fabric, I thought that it would match well with the trim of the jacket being black.

The pattern itself wasn’t complicated, but it still took some time to finish the jacket. I’ve made a jacket before and while the construction of this jacket was similar, it wasn’t the same. However, I didn’t have any serious problems while sewing this jacket—which was a nice change (because usually I’ll do something stupid at least once during a project). I think a portion of that lack of trouble I had was due to the fact that I didn’t keep sewing after I was tired because that’s when I start making really stupid mistakes. Instead of completely rushing it, I stopped and waited to work on it the next day.

I’m happy with this jacket. It’s simple and uses basic colors, which I think will go well with a variety of clothing. And while I don’t wear pins often, adding a pin at the top of the jacket adds a little extra bit of visual interest that I like (and it’s easy to change pins to create different looks).

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