Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mint Summer Skirt

I bought this mint fabric about the time when I first bought my sewing machine (years ago). I got it on sale and I was drawn to its double-sided nature—polka dots on one side and dashes on the other side. I admit that while I like the color in general, it isn’t a color that I’m usually drawn to for wearing. I’m also not usually excited about wearing polka dots (although I do like them more when they’re tone on tone rather than high contrast colors). Despite my uncertainty of wearing this fabric, I still bought it because I liked it; I got it I without a plan (as per usual) because I thought I might be able to use it “someday”.

“Someday” finally came around last Sunday when I decided to make a light summer skirt. I hadn’t sewn anything in a while and I wanted to make something for summer. I considered sewing a dress, but that just seemed like too much work; there are inevitably more pattern pieces to deal with so there’s more sewing and I wanted something done quickly. Plus, I tend to have better success with my skirts than with my dresses.

I thought the mint green fabric would feel fresh and would be a fun color to wear once the days got a bit warmer. I chose a simple pattern that would work well with the lightweight material. It didn’t take too long to sew—pretty much all day Sunday and a couple of extra hours another day to finish it. I’m pretty happy with my new skirt; it was inexpensive (maybe a total of about $10 for the fabric and materials) and it’s cute.

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