Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Bad Movie

A movie is supposed to tell a story, and to be a good one it needs intriguing characters, engaging dialogue and an interesting plot. It seems like this would be a doable feat, but sadly this is not always the case. Somehow bad movies still get made (and I’m talking about the bad ones that are no fun to watch and are truly bad). There are numerous ways that a movie can be bad (e.g. poor acting, poor editing, etc.), but for me, the largest flaws generally stem from a poor script.

You know you’re watching a bad movie when you want to shout at the characters as they’re making stupid decisions. You want to implore those characters to take a second and actually think; use some logic before diving into a dumb decision that will inevitably make things worse. But of course, they don’t think and choose to do one stupid thing after the next and then wonder how things got so bad. (Which just makes me want to roll my eyes that they are so blinded to their own stupidity.)

You know you’re watching a bad movie when you’re rooting for the “bad guys” to win. Where the “good guys” are so annoying that their deaths seem preferable to listening to them whine or watching them be imbecilic. And while you realize that there’s practically no chance that the “bad guys” will win in the end, you’re still kind of disappointed when they lose to the moronic “good guys”.

You know you’re watching a bad movie when there are giant plot holes that are filled with crap explanations that you know don’t make any sense. Yet somehow those who made the movie thought so little of their audience that they thought that we would just accept their crap with no problem.

You know you’re watching a bad movie when it’s just not entertaining. And once you realize you’re watching a bad movie, it’s probably best to just stop watching it. Because if you don’t, you’ll probably be irritated once it’s over that you just wasted two hours of your life watching something that wasn’t worth your time (or boredom or frustration).

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