Tuesday, June 11, 2013

As Good as New

Often it’s the things you love that get used and worn down, like a comfy sweatshirt or a favorite mug. After a while you realize that the thing you love it on the cusp of death. Some items are beyond repair; they’re so rundown that there’s really no point in trying to reclaim their former glory (and you just have to let it go). Yet with other items it just takes a little help to make them nearly new again.

I had that moment not long ago when I snagged my heel on the carpet and finally took a look at my shoes and saw that the heel was down to the nub; I could see the nail (and that wasn’t good). These were not terribly old shoes (probably less than a year old), but I wear them fairly often because they’re low comfortable heels. They’re a nice all-purpose black pair of heels made out of material with a bit of shine to them. And because I liked them, I was hard on them…and it showed.

I haven’t done too much in the way of shoe repair in the past (other then my beloved boots) because usually my shoes aren’t worth saving. Often my shoes are made of cheap materials that get scratched and cracked and fixing a heel wouldn’t be enough to save them. But the shoes in question were worth saving—so I saved them. I got the heels fixed and now they feel like new shoes. I’m glad I can wear these shoes a bit longer (instead of having to hunt for another pair of shoes to replace them—which would likely be a long and arduous task).

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