Thursday, July 11, 2013

Congrats! Birthday Card

A couple of months ago I bought this flying pig finger puppet with a magnetic nose that I thought my brother would like as part of his birthday present. It’s perhaps a bit of an odd gift but I like things that are somewhat unexpected.

The night before his birthday I thought I should make a birthday card for him. Last year I made him a You’re #2 birthday card, and I decided to somehow combine that same sentiment with the flying pig puppet.

The card is simple (as I didn’t spend much time creating it). The front of the card just has type that reads: Congrats! You’ve just been promoted to #1 child in honor of this special day…” And the inside has a drawing of a flying pig with “When pigs fly. But happy birthday all the same.”

After he read the card (which he thought was amusing), he opened the present to see the flying pig puppet (which he also thought was amusing). So all in all a successful quick little card.

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