Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cute Bias Tape

I’ve been meaning to make bias tape for a while. I’ve used packaged bias tape on projects, and while it’s been fine to use when I needed bias tape immediately and just wanted to use a basic color, I can’t say that I’ve ever been particularly excited to use it. The packaged bias tape is just so limiting in the color and fabric options available, and seeing how simple it seemed to be online to make your own bias tape, I was motivated to try.

So I bought a bias tape maker with the intention of making bias tape and I also bought cute patterned fabric specifically for making this bias tape. [Pause.] And then both my bias tape maker and fabric sat in a drawer for months. [Sigh.]

I’m not sure what exactly I was waiting for, but I finally got around to making my own bias tape. The fabric I bought was $3 a yard and I used about a half a yard of it to make a little over 15 yards of double folded bias tape that’s ¼ inch wide. So in the end this tape didn’t cost much to make, but it did take some time to make. And even though it was my first time making it, it was pretty simple and easy to get a hang of and I didn’t run into any glaring problems.

I’m infinitely happier with my own bias tape; I like the freedom that comes with creating your own bias tape. And I’m sure once I get around to using this bias tape, I’ll be happy with the extra bit of specialness it’ll bring to a project.

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