Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Waiting for Autumn

I dropped by a thrift shop the other day on impulse; I had been there fairly recently but felt like checking it out again—and I’m glad I did. I didn’t really expect to find anything and wasn’t looking for anything in particular (which often tends to be the easiest way to shop.)

While in the jacket section my fingers stopped on a soft gray fabric, I pulled the item out and immediately knew that it was a quality jacket. I didn’t recognize the brand—but that’s not saying much because I don’t pay too much attention to clothing brands in general. I prefer clothing that’s made out of nice materials and that’s well constructed but I don’t shop at high-end stores with high-end brands, because while they might have lovely pieces, it’s out of my price range and I can’t really justify spending hundreds of dollars on a single garment.

So I bought this jacket because I liked it. I liked that it could be worn with the collar up or down. I liked that it was a neutral gray that would work well with a variety of colors. I liked that it was a lightweight material that could be worn in the spring or fall. I liked the wool and angora blend of the fabric that pleasant to wear. And I liked that the fit was pretty good so I bought it for $13.

When I got home I looked up the brand, Akris Punto, online and found that it’s a higher end brand sold at higher end stores. And then I checked out their collections and saw how simple and sophisticated much of their clothing is and I felt pretty lucky to have stumbled upon this jacket. It’s just too bad it’s the middle of summer and it’s too hot to wear it right now. I’m looking forward to autumn when I can finally wear this jacket.

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