Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Earring Check

I usually do the “earring check” as I’m trying on clothing at a store. I double-check that the earrings I have on are still there because it’s easy to lose an earring that has a French hook. Occasionally I can feel the earring tug as it comes out of my ear or I can hear it fall on the ground, but sometimes I receive no sign that it’s left my ear.

Unfortunately, I did not do the earring check the other day when I went thrift shopping. My earrings weren’t really in the forefront of my mind; I was more conscious of the griminess I felt as I was shopping (since the clothing tends to be in various stages of cleanliness). So I was I was trying to keep my hands away from myself until I could wash them.

So I shopped at a couple of stores and when I got home I finally touched my ears and realized I was missing an earring and I didn’t know where I had lost it. It would be too much effort to try and find it; it wasn’t an expensive earring but I liked it and wore it, so I was disappointed in my carelessness. I guess it’s just a reminder to myself to double-check my earrings every time I try on clothing. [Sigh.]

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