Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Holes

I bought my blue-green blouse at a thrift shop and while it was in good condition, when I cut the tag I saw that the tag had left two little holes in the blouse. This irritated me because I had checked the seams and made sure that there weren’t any stains on it before buying it, but I’d assumed that that was all I had to check. I didn’t even think about the stupid plastic bit of the tag that ended up damaging my blouse.

I liked my blouse and wanted to keep it, so instead of returning (which I couldn’t really do without the tag on it anyway) I had to sew up the little holes. One was near a seam so it wasn’t very apparent; the other was on the back in a not-so-convenient location, and when I sewed the hole up it did become apparent (which was quite annoying). But there wasn’t much else to do about it. And if I wear a jacket no one will be able to see my little sewn hole (and really, most people wouldn’t pay attention to it anyways). It’s just me that will really think about it and know about those little holes. [Pause.] Stupid tag.

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