Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Fall Clothing

All I seem to find lately when I go thrift shopping are garments for fall. While I enjoy the warmth and sunshine we’ve been having this summer, I’m rather looking forward to autumn so I can start wearing all of the clothes I keep buying that are meant for cooler weather.

Blue-Green Blouse: I like jewel-colored tones and was instantly drawn to this color on the rack. It’s a ladylike blouse that drapes nicely; I like the femininity of it with the bow at the collar.

White and Black Sleeveless Sweater: This sweater is slightly larger than I would have liked, but I loved it enough to overlook this minor flaw. I love the simplicity of the black and white coloring and I like the little tie in the front that’s feminine without being girly.

Black Pleated Skirt: I love pleated skirts because they’re classic and simple and flattering. The skirt has a black on black plaid pattern that I like; it’s subtle and gives some nice texture.

Gray Wool Skirt: This skirt I was kind of on the fence about getting but I got it anyway. It’s a longer skirt then I usually wear (in fact I can’t really recall the last time I wore a skirt that was mid shin). But recently I’ve been kind of wanting a longer skirt and I thought that at worst I could always shorten this skirt to knee-length if I wanted. I really like that this skirt has pockets.

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