Tuesday, September 17, 2013

…And I Came Out with Shoes

It seems inevitable that when you’re shopping for something specific, you don’t find it...and instead find something else. Not long ago I went shopping for a small bag for a wedding (which I never found), but I did find shoes. I don’t need more shoes, but somehow shoes are hard to resist for me—there are just so many types of shoes for so many types of occasions.

When I found these red patent leather shoes, I instantly thought they could replace my old pair of red patent leather shoes (that were just about dead—they were scratched, cracked and the heel was run down to the nail). Generally I’m not excited about overtly shiny and flashy things, but I had unexpectedly loved my old red patent leather shoes because they added that pop of color that some of my outfits desperately needed.

Months ago when I realized the poor state of my old red shoes, I started keeping one eye open for a replacement pair every time I went shopping. But I couldn’t seem to find the right shoes because there was always something not quite right about a possible pair: the red was the wrong shade or the heel was too high or it was uncomfortable. So it was a welcome surprise to finally find a pair of patent red shoes that I liked. [Pause.] I knew if I waited long enough eventually I would find what I was looking for.

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