Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Polka Dot Summer Dress

Recently I bought a sleeveless navy with white polka dot dress at a thrift shop that was perfect for summer [although summer’s just about at an end (Sigh.)]. I’m generally not very interested in polka dot patterns for myself but I decided to make an exception. [Pause.] Although this isn’t the first time I’ve made an “exception” for polka dots, so it’s not much an exception if it’s done more than once; I must like polka dots more than I think I do.

On the rack, the dress didn’t look particularly great (pretty much like a rumpled oversized nightgown), but I imagined that with a belt it might look cute. When I tried the dress on it felt like a dress from the 1990s referencing the 1940s. The collar was fairly narrow, and there were buttons going down the length of the dress. My favorite part was the pintucking down on the front of the dress. Looking closer at the garment I could see that once-upon-a-time ago there were ties sewn in at the sides that had been cut out, so in order to give the dress any shape I would need to wear a belt.

It’s definitely a more conservative summer dress, but despite its length, it’s loose and airy enough to be fairly comfortable in warmer weather. Initially I wasn’t sure if I would need to alter the size at all to make it fit, but once I tried it on at home with a belt, I liked the fit of it and was quite satisfied with my $8 dress.

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