Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Does This Make Me Look Fat? ...Probably.

Some questions are better left unasked, like “Does this make me look fat?” First off, it’s a poorly phrased question that immediately brings to mind the “fatness” level of a person (which isn’t necessarily the reason why something looks good on someone or not). The question should be: “Is this flattering on me?” Because it’s the cut of the garment and how it fits on you that makes all the difference of whether or not it looks good.

“Does this make me look fat?” is a question no one wants to answer because it’s a dumb question. You just can’t win. If they look terrible, do you tell them? Or do you lie and “spare their feelings,” even though that doesn’t really help them at all (it just helps you avoid an unpleasant conversation). And even if they happen to look great and you tell them so, often they just don’t believe you because they’ve already made up their mind…and usually it’s not good.

When people love what they’re wearing they don’t ask: “Does this make me look fat?” because they know they look fantastic. They tend to ask this dreaded question when they already think they look bad in something. So instead of asking someone else whether a garment makes you look fat, just look in the mirror and decide for yourself whether you feel comfortable and think it looks good (since after all it’s only you that’ll be wearing it). Because no one enjoys answering the rigged question of “Does this make me look fat?” And you don’t really want to hear, “Yes, it does.”

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