Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Idiom Postcard Set

I love idioms; they’re like a coded part of language in that they often stem from historical or pop-culture references specific to that country. Even native speakers of a country are unlikely to know all idiom references for that country (especially if they’re more regional or they pertain to a specific time period).

Idioms are such an ingrained part of culture that mean so much with so few words—and everyone uses them. They’re in our everyday conversations, in TV commercials and TV shows, in songs and books—they’re pretty much inescapable. Everyday I must hear and use idioms dozens of times because using idioms are often a short cut to what you’re trying to say (assuming that all parties have knowledge of the meaning of that idiom). Instead of saying “You need to slow down and start enjoying life,” you can just say “Stop and smell the roses” and the underlying meaning is understood.

In this postcard set I chose five common idioms and drew them in ways I felt reflected the meaning or feeling of them. The postcard set contains one of each of the following idioms: Kill with Kindness, Home Sweet Home, Take it with a Grain of Salt, Uncharted Waters and Stop and Smell the Roses.

The backs of the postcards are all the same; they’re blank so they can be used as a postcard or card. Keep them as art or give them away to those who have an appreciation for idioms.

The Idiom Postcard Set is available at my shop for purchase.

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