Thursday, December 12, 2013

I’m Not a Polar Bear

Usually our winters in the Pacific Northwest are fairly mild…it gets cold but not this cold. Lately we’ve been having very cold weather (although we’re not alone in these Arctic-like conditions that have been happening across the U.S.). I don’t enjoy these frigid days where the high temperature may reach a balmy 32 degrees. The weather does not create much motivation for me to step outside; I just want to stay indoors and stay warm and hibernate.

But I keep telling myself that it’s fine. It’s fine if it’s cold as long as it’s not snowy and icy out—that’s my only wish because snow and ice just makes everything so difficult. Last Friday it snowed a bit and suddenly it was like I was in the middle of some disaster movie. Driving to work was like being in the middle of the grand exodus out of the city where the highways are like unending parking lots…it was torturous.

All it takes is just a smattering of snow to create havoc. So all I want is no snow so there’s no havoc. Or if it does snow, could it possibly happen on the weekend so I don’t have to commute in it? So I don’t have to crawl in traffic at a snail’s speed and I don’t have the anxiety of driving in snow. [Pause.] That would be great.

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