Thursday, December 5, 2013

It Almost Fits…

Recently I went thrift shopping and I did something dumb: I bought something that was too small for me. I’d never done it before but I couldn’t resist; it wasn’t like they had it in another size. It was that size or nothing (and I didn’t want nothing).

The item in question was a pair of wool culottes…and it took me by surprise; because it looked like a skirt and it was in the skirt section, but when I tried them on I realized they were pants. Generally I’m not very interested in culottes (in fact, I don’t think I’ve even owned a pair…ever), but for whatever reason, these particular ones spoke to me.

My first impression of the culottes was that of a vintage German military uniform; I think it was the little brass buttons and the decorative detail in the front that felt a bit militaristic to me. I could tell right away that it was a well-made garment (it’s made by the Austrian brand Geiger). The fabric’s a combination of wool and lambswool that at first I thought was blue, but later in different light I realized it was purple (although either way I liked the color). I also loved the pleating and the fact it had pockets (pockets are always difficult for me to resist).

So I was incredibly disappointed when these culottes didn’t fit me. I put them aside to try on other clothing items, but then when I finished, I went back to the culottes and tried them on again [as if they would magically fit me (Sigh.)]. They almost fit; so then I went into “can I alter them to fit me” thoughts, and although it would be a pain, maybe, just maybe I could change the seam allowance to fit me. I wasn’t sure if it was a thought of folly or if I would actually follow through…but I bought them anyway. [Pause.] So far it’s been folly since I haven’t made any attempt to alter them. [Sigh.]

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