Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trashed Tin

Throughout the month of December there was a fairly steady influx of holiday food at work; there were fruit baskets and boxes of chocolates and baked goods, and while some came in disposable packaging, others came in reusable ones.

More than likely, most (if not all) of the packaging got thrown away. Most of it I wouldn’t have had an issue with it being disposed of (e.g. anything made of paper). However, one afternoon I opened the trash can to throw something away and I saw this tin sitting on top of the pile and thought, “Why is this being thrown out? It’s perfectly good." 

I’m not very interested in metal tins in general, but I thought it was quite wasteful to throw this one out. It’s a fairly cute and festive tin; it’d be great to use as packaging for Christmas presents or to hold homemade cookies. So I salvaged this trashed tin, washed off the coffee grinds from its exterior and brought it home. This coming Christmas is quite a ways off, but I’ll be ready for it with my “new” tin.

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