Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good Enough Sunglasses

Even if you love to shop, there are probably certain things you hate to shop for (swimsuits spring to mind). For me, one item I don’t enjoy buying are sunglasses. I want sunglasses and definitely need them when it gets sunny, but finding a pair I want is hard for me. I’ll try on sunglasses and they’re “too square,” “too round,” “too big” or “too small.”  [Pause.] They’re always “too” something. Sunglasses have to be the right shape or you look funny.

I’d had my old pair of sunglasses for quite sometime (maybe around three years) and I still liked them. They were nothing fancy, just under $20 simple black sunglasses that I thought looked good. But I wasn’t gentle with them and they landed many-a-time on the pavement until the lens became noticeably scratched in the center. I couldn’t ignore it any longer…I needed a new pair of sunglasses (much to my chagrin).

Women’s sunglasses often make me sigh in discontent because more than likely, they’ve been uglified. The front of the sunglasses may look okay and then I turn them to the side and BAM! my eyes are assaulted with ugliness. As though somehow, just because I’m female, I want my sunglasses to be bedazzled with rhinestones or have some tacky pattern or have some terrible “design” element that men’s glasses would never have.

I’m also rather annoyed by how many sunglasses have the name of brand on the side of it (as if I want to be a walking advertisement for a brand). The sunglasses I’m looking at are not high end…at all. They’re average “who cares” brands. They’re sunglasses that cost under $20. These aren’t brands people flaunt (not that I’m a brand flaunter anyway). But seriously, the name branding on the side is unnecessary and usually just makes the sunglasses uglier.

But after trying quite a few pairs of sunglasses, I finally did have success. I bought an unexpected pair of sunglasses that weren’t entirely black but had a bit of rose color in there. They were the most flattering pair I could find, and quite frankly I didn’t want to continue my search. They were good enough sunglasses. If I stumble upon a better pair later then that would be great, but for now, my search is concluded. (Thank goodness.)

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