Saturday, March 29, 2014

What? Glass Breaks?

Generally I think of myself as a lucky person, or at the very least not unlucky. Perhaps I was overdue for some bad luck because I haven’t felt terribly lucky lately. Not long ago I shared that I ruined my khaki jacket with a big yellow curry stain, and now, my new glass water bottle has suffered an abysmal fate.

A couple of months ago I got a new glass water bottle because it’s smaller in size than my other glass water bottle. I wanted a water bottle that wouldn’t be too large to carry with me. I bought a different brand than the larger water bottle I have…and perhaps that was a mistake.

My new water bottle was cute, but last weekend I dropped it on the pavement and it shattered—just pieces everywhere. I guess it must have fallen on the weakest part of the bottle where the silicon sleeve didn’t protect it. It was disappointing since it was pretty much brand new…there’s nearly thirty dollars down the drain. So then I had to get a replacement water bottle and I did not buy same brand. While it’s unlikely this wouldn’t happen a second time, I’d rather not test that theory. If I’m going to be disappointed again, I’d rather it be a new something than an old one.

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