Thursday, March 13, 2014

Word of the Day Exercise: Week Fifteen

I finished my Word of the Day notebook on Monday—100 continuous days of drawing the Word of the Day each day. Overall it was a fun exercise. Some words I knew and some words were new to me, but I was always curious each morning to see what that day’s word of the day would be. Some days I instantly knew what I was going to draw, while others I felt less inspired and less motivated to do it, but I always did it.

Since there’s no “undo” function when drawing in pencil, I tried to think about my approach of each Word of the Day a bit before setting pencil to paper, because it’s rather time-consuming every time you make a mistake or want to try something different. [Pause.] And let’s just say I used my eraser…a lot. The most common issue I had in my drawings was trying to figure out the letter spacing (so I wouldn’t run out of room on the page towards the end of the word). Often the letter spacing was off, but I could only care to a point because I had my predetermined time limit.  

I’m a little sad that my exercise is over (since I got used to it and it was kind of fun). But I’m also glad it’s finished because it frees up quite a bit of time. While an hour was my maximum time limit for this daily exercise, on average I probably spent closer to 30-45 minutes per drawing (and maybe 20 minutes on the quick ones). Now I just have decide how I’ll use all that extra time…

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