Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Vintage Sewing Stuff

Recently I went to another thrift shop and bought more stuff. For $11.75 I got a little stack of sewing stuff. The biggest portion of my purchase was 4 yards of fabric for $8 (which is a pretty good price). It’s a navy fabric (which I don’t really need since I already have a couple of different navy fabrics at home, but the price was just so cheap…). It’s a fairly lightweight fabric—I’m guessing polyester (but it feels like a nicer polyester).

Then the little stuff. I got some eyes and hooks. And buttons. I don’t need buttons; I have a box of buttons at home but I thought these were nice. I got two sets of “vintage” buttons (I have no idea how old they are). The first set of buttons are gold that have an intricate design on the front.

The second set of buttons are small gold and black ones with a crown and the letters “CM” on them. I have no idea what (brand) these refer to, but I thought they were cute.

Then I got two vintage sewing patterns. These patterns cost more (and are in worse condition) than the patterns I bought previously at a different thrift shop. They were 50 cents each. Most of the patterns there were from the 1970’s (which is a decade that tends to interest me less.), but I found a couple of the older patterns that I liked.

First up is a skirt and shirt pattern from 1958. It’s actually a girl’s pattern, but I think the skirt would still fit an adult since it’s a full skirt; the only fitted area is the waist.

Second is a dress pattern that has a simple and elegant silhouette (that looks like it’s from the 1960’s). The pattern also contains an additional sheet that shows how to adjust the pattern to fit bodies that aren’t the exact pattern size.

One thing I like on these older patterns is that they show you the actual pattern pieces on the back of the envelope—you can take a quick look to get a better idea of how complicated (or simple) a pattern is before you buy it.

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