Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vintage Sewing Patterns

Previously I shared about the cool vintage stuff I picked up and here’s the rest of what I got: sewing patterns. They had tons of old sewing patterns (maybe around 100 of them that I probably could have bought for practically nothing since they were trying to get rid of them). But because I don’t need more patterns (and don’t really have room for too many more), I selected my favorites (whether it was because the cute pictures on the front or a desire to actually make the clothes). I got a total of 11 patterns; some have already been cut out and some are still uncut.

Most of the patterns span from the 1960s to the 1980s. To me, it was interesting to see the similarities and differences between the older and newer patterns. The older patterns don’t contain multiple sizes—you get the one size you need. And perhaps there are fewer design options within the pattern itself.

Also, it’s interesting to see how the sizes have changed over time. In the oldest pattern I got (from 1965), a size 12’s measurements are: Bust 32, Waist 25 and Hip 34. However, in a pattern that was made 1983, a size 12’s measurements are: Bust 34, Waist 26.5 and Hip 36. This is almost the size of a 1965’s size 14’s measurements (except the waist is a 26).

I’m going to start from the oldest pattern. First up is this cute coat from 1965. I thought it was a dress at first, but no, it’s a coat.

Next is this loose dress from 1967. Truthfully I’m not really into dresses that lack a waist, but I do love the mandarin collar and the buttons that go down the front.

This scallop dress is from 1968. It looks like a very simple dress to make (and it ought to be since it’s a “How to Sew” pattern).

This shirt pattern is from 1968. It’s not terribly exciting looking…it’s just a button down shirt. I thought I’d throw it in my pile of patterns to buy because the drawings were kind of cute.

This pattern has a short and long skirt, very voluminous pants and a very 70s shirt (just look at that collar); it’s from 1969.

This knit skirt and shirt pattern is from 1972. I think the drawings are adorable; I especially like the girl with the purple scarf.

A simple dress pattern from 1981. I’m not excited about that pink polka dot dress, but I think the gray drawing of the dress is quite lovely.

This dress and jacket pattern is from 1983. That jacket is pretty terrible—it doesn’t look like it fits the model at all. And those dress sleeves…well it was the 80’s. But I think the red dress on the drawing is cute and looks fairly contemporary.

Next up is the blouse pattern from 1986 (that I think screams Designing Women). It’s so 80’s. It seems a bit too voluminous in the body, but I admit, I like these types of lady-like blouses. I would totally wear “A” blouse.

This is the newest pattern I have from 2002. I probably didn’t need to get it. I thought the pants were kind of cute, but I’m not sure I’d ever make them. They lack a waistband, it’s just elastic…

Finally, I could not find the date on this pattern, but it looks like it from the 1980s. I think the dress is cute…and I’m a sucker for pockets.

I felt like I totally scored on these patterns that I spent a couple of dollars on. Most of them are around my size (although I might have to make some adjustments on them). There’s definitely a couple I’d like to try to make.

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