Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thrift Shop Souvenirs

I admit, as a child (and also as I grew older), I enjoyed shopping at souvenir shops that sell an array of stuff to show that you’ve visited a place: stuffed animals, picture frames, shot glasses, key chains, mugs, t-shirts, etc. I’ve bought my share of things over the years, and those things I accumulated now sit in a box—a box of unnecessary things. [Pause.] I don’t buy these types of items any more.

So when I went to the coast with a friend, we didn’t look at any of the touristy shops. But we did happen upon a thrift shop and each found stuff to buy. I found more sewing supplies. Yes, I don’t need any more, but I got eyes and hooks, twill tape and 10 zippers for $3.35.

I think the seam binding packaging is pretty cute (feels quite patriotic). And I think the zippers are adorable. These five and a half inch long zippers look like they’re made specifically for pouches, as there are stops at both ends of the zipper. I like the metal zipper handle that is so much cuter than the average zipper.

These are the only souvenirs I got at the coast and I think they’re good ones because they’re useful (assuming I use them). It also makes any items I make with them feel a bit more special because I got them on a trip so there’s a memory attached to them. 

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