Thursday, July 3, 2014

Estate Sale: Matchbooks

The rest of what I got at this estate sale was matchbooks. I already have matchbooks that I have yet to use, but I got more to add to this unnecessary collection. I just think they’re interesting from a design standpoint. This estate sale had a bin of matchbooks that my friends and I went through and each picked out some to buy.

I got a total of 18 matchbooks. Here they are, fronts and then backs (and insides on the interesting ones):

My favorites in this set are the Holiday Inn matchbook (I love the retro sign and fun sunny back) and the Playboy one (I like the simple graphics).

The “Wise Eyes Watch Channel 10” matchbook makes me laugh—it’s creepy; those eyes are trying to hypnotize me into watching TV.

I really love the Jacaranda matchbook front; the color palette is fantastic, the design is simple and flower-like, and the type is interesting. I also really like the Travel Lodge matchbook that looks like luggage with its cute travel stickers.

As for the interesting matchbook insides, I like the simplicity of Black Angus and Travel Lodge, as well as the font of the “Sombrero Room.”

Jacaranda has a cool map on the inside; everything looks hand-drawn (even the triple A logo is hand-drawn).

And I’ve included the Tadich Grill matchbook inside because its very extensive history makes me laugh; it reminds me of a Gilmore Girls episode where Luke and Lorelai go to Sniffy’s Tavern and the menu has an incredibly long drawn out story about the restaurant (and you have to wonder, “Who reads this?”).

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