Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two Silk Shirts

When I received a box of my mom’s old (mostly wool) clothing, I made the decision that (although I’d always avoided it) I was just going to have to hand wash dry clean items. It comes down to the fact that I like expensive fabrics and want them, and since I don’t want to dry clean everything, and I don’t want to ruin everything by washing them normally, that pretty much just leaves hand washing.

With this hand washing decision in mind, I decided not to immediately dismiss two (slightly large) silk shirts at a thrift shop, and instead bought them for a total of $9. The tank is a very light pink; it’s a blush tone that I really like and feels very light and summery. I also appreciate that this tank is well made; it has a lining (so it’s not paper-thin) and it has a little strap with a snap at the shoulder seam so you can hold your bra-strap within it (so genius).

The purple blouse I bought solely because of the color; I love deep rich jewel-colored purples. (Although you wouldn’t know it looking at my closet, which tends to be a mix of black, navy and white; there’s just a smattering of color). The blouse design itself is nothing special; it was a popular style back in the day. It just has a button in the back for the closure. I’m hoping I can alter this blouse, bringing in the sides and getting rid of those too-long sleeves.

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