Thursday, July 31, 2014

Under $12: More Fabric and Patterns

For a while I hadn’t been buying much fabric and instead was trying to use the fabric I had, but dry spells only last so long, and I picked up more fabric and sewing patterns (that luckily didn’t cost much). From two thrift shops, I bought everything for $11.75.

I bought three lengths of fabric; two yards each of white and tan material that I’d like to use as linings, and a third patterned material with 1 ¾ yards. And I got extra pins and bias tape. And I got more patterns (that I don’t need but I can’t seem to help myself…).

This first one I’m not sure what the year is (although it looks like it’s from the 1980s). It’s a super easy-looking pattern for a simple looking dress; I like the neckline.

Second up is a dress pattern from 1979. I don’t think the dress in the photo looks flattering (because of the terrible choice of Pepto-Bismol pink and the somewhat saggy look of the fit). However, I really like the drawings of the three versions of the dress. I think they’re super cute; they remind me of dresses from the 1940s.

Third is a blouse and skirt pattern from 1980 (I thought it was a dress at first). Being separates definitely allows for more versatility of the outfit.

Next is a knit dress pattern from 1980. I thought if I ever got around to sewing knits and wanted to sew a dress, this might be a good pattern to have. I like the third option quite a bit; I love boat neck necklines.

Finally, I got this blouse pattern from 1984. I only like version C of the top. I think the bow is a nice design detail.

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